WIMS & EIMS Management Systems

Terre Solidali has designed a new Water & Electricity Information Management Systems (WIMS/EIMS) to improve Somali water & electric utilities management. WIMS/EIMS is a customizable tool suitable to PPP and public utilities compliant with best practices in water & electricity management and accounting.
Description of WIMS/EIMS
Water Information Management System (WIMS/EIMS) is integrated a billing and accounting software that receives water sales detail and water consumption usage information, groups this information for specific accounts or customers, produces invoices, creates reports for management, and records payments made to customer accounts.

Technical Features

  • Accounting & Billing Integration
  • Adherence to International Standards
  • Detailed Customers Info
  • Customer Groups
  • Currencies
  • E Contracts
  • Zones & Areas
  • Configurable Tariffs, 5 Predefined
  • Charges & Discounts
  • Flow Meters
  • Record Consumptions
  • Monthly and Daily Billing
  • Collections
  • Reporting
  • QR Code Management
  • Zone Splitting Procedures
  • Automatic Backup for the Database
  • Double Entry
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • HR Management
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Reporting
  • Access Logging & Tracking
  • Security Manager
  • Embedded Documents
  • Live Analysis
  • Basic Incentive Schemes
  • Batch Payments (Applicable to ZAAD)
  • Strong SMS/ Email Integration

List of Implementations in Water Utilities

No Agency/ PPP Co Customers Project Location In the Frame of Projects Donor Started/Planed Status
1 GUMCO (PPP) 6,800 Bosaso, P/L FED/2012/298-778 EU November 2014 Completed
2 BWA 15,612 Burco, S/L RAIN I SL TCCAF March 2015 Completed
3 NUWACO (PPP) 7,619 Garowe/PL FED/2012/298-778 EU June 2015 Completed
4 GALWA (PPP) 9,005 Galkayo, P/L FED/2012/298-778 EU August 2016 Completed
5 Ba’adwayn (PPP) 1,070 Ba’adwayn, P/L FED/2012/298-778 EU September 2015 Completed
6 HODMAN (PPP) 2,773 Qardho, P/L FED/2012/298-778 EU December 2015 Completed
7 SHABA (PPP) 12,528 Borama, S/L PCA/NWZ/2013/4271 EU/UNICEF October 2016 Completed
8 WWA (PPP) N/A T. Wajaale, S/L PCA/NWZ/2013/4271 EU/UNICEF N/A Postponed
9 Erigavo (PPP) N/A Erigavo, S/L PCA/NWZ/2013/4271 EU/UNICEF N/A Postponed
10 HWA 30,000 Hargeisa, S/L RAIN III SL TCCAF March 2017 On-going

List of Implementations in Electricity Utilities

No Company Customers Project Location Donor Started Period Status
1 NFS 5234 Hargeisa, S/L Terre Solidali December 2015 Completed
2 ALOOG 12037 Borama, S/L Terre Solidali November 2016 Completed

Hospital Management System

Terre Solidali has also developed a Clinic Information Management System (CIMS) to improve health management in Somali hospitals. CIMS is a customisable tool suitable to private and public hospitals with the scope of hospital asset, human resource, logistic and accounting management.
Description of CIMS
Clinic Information & Management System is supporting the delivery of high-quality clinical care. CIMS is customizable financial and health flow of information and procedures for financial management, it’s developed to efficiently plan and manage costs and revenues. Also, financial and social sustainability of the hospital services is increased and quality of care is improved together with an enhanced assets management system.

No Organization Name Project Location Donor Started Period Status
1 Hargeisa Group Hospital Hargeisa, Somaliland UNOPS April 2013 Completed
2 De-Martino Hospital Mogadishu, South Somalia UNOPS June 2016 Completed