Terre Solidali Onlus was founded in Italy in June 2002 as a non-governmental, non-profit organisation (NGO) registration No. 1733 dated 05.08.2002, Moncalieri (Turin), created by a group of professionals with consolidated working experience in the humanitarian aid and development sectors with the common objective of reinforcing the civil society and the institutions of the newly emerging countries, through the joint implementation of projects in different sectors.

Terre Solidali is recognised as NGO in accordance with the Italian law 49/1987 re-confirmed with Decree n. 2016/337/000278/2, 13/04/2016 of Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo.

Terre Solidali is currently implementing projects in Somaliland, Puntland, South Somalia, Kenya, Mauritania & Niger where it has established local offices.

Our activities are focused on:

Water Sector

  • Ground water research (geological, hydrogeological, geophysical survey – VES, refraction seismic, tomographies)
  • Water engineering
  • Design of water utilities master plans and financial plans
  • Water tariff policies
  • Construction of water infrastructures
  • Support to the authorities to introduced widely accepted PPP structures for both urban and rural utilities.

    Governance & ICT Sector
    Tailored integrated Billing & Accounting Systems for Water Utilities, Local Governments and Hospitals

    Environment & Heath Sector

    Human Rights & Youth Empowerment Sector