Project Name: Hargeisa Water Supply System Expansion PHASE II (RAIN III).
Project Status: Open
Duration Months: 38 months
Start Date: March 2017 End Date: May 2020
Donors: Co-funded by The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation.
Description: The project will focus on:
i. To contribute to the Somaliland NDP and improve HWA service delivery by extending the primary and the secondary distribution network in the five districts of Hargeisa, thus enhancing access to safe, adequate and affordable drinking water by all population, and in particular by the acutely poor and marginalized communities (e.g. remote areas covered only by onerous water trucking services, IDP settlements) and key social infrastructures (e.g. health facilities, schools);
ii. To improve the HWA’s financial management capacity (i.e. the capacity to manage streams of revenues and costs and proactively monitor performances) and enable the introduction of sustainable and effective pro-poor water policies;
iii. To promote environmental sustainability of the local aquifers by expanding alternative renewable water sources in Hargeisa, such as rooftop rainwater harvesting;
iv. To improve women and youth’s living conditions in Hargeisa through creating income generation activities.

In particular, assuming that the pledged contributions will be fully funded, the expected results of the Project by its end date are as follows:

i. To design and build additional 62 km of primary and secondary distribution (in G.I./HDPE and U-PVC or HDPE or DI for the connection to the reservoirs depending on the budget limits), four ground reservoirs (250 cum each), three booster stations, by-passes, valve chambers, anchor blocks etc.; to rehabilitate the existing distribution system, as and where needed, within the budget capacity for network expansion; to connect households (22,000), schools (44), markets (13), livestock market (1), heath facilities (7), IDPs settlements (7), kiosks (399 by care of HWA) out of which 14 in the markets).
It is worth noting that the actual achievability of the above connection targets will also depend on a fundamental assumption linked to other donors’ interventions (EU, SDF, KFW, UN-HABITAT and possibly the WB) in the field of water production capacity; the Project builds, in fact, on the assumption that the HWA’s daily yield of water (currently standing at 8,900 cum) will expanded by additional 20-24,000 cum in 2017.
ii. To gradually introduce and support with technical backstopping a new customised accounting and billing IT system for HWA; to train HWA end users to fully exploit its functionalities.
It is worth noting that this IT system will also keep accurate records of the achievement of the connection targets set by the Project;
iii. To promote a rooftop rainwater harvesting “culture” through awareness raising campaigns (including pilot demonstrative structures installed in public buildings), as well as the adoption by the HWA and the HM of suitable policies to encourage private investments, especially in urban areas which are not yet covered by the public distribution network;
iv. To support the HWA in granting about 400 kiosk licenses (including 14 kiosks in the general and meat markets) to women and youth, upon providing adequate capacity building in water kiosk management; the requalification of the existing human resources within the HWA’s billing and accounting section (47, out of which 21 women) and the creation of new posts (66, out of which 34 for women) is also expected to positively impact on women and youth empowerment.